Air Fresheners - the good, the bad and the ugly truths....

Not all home fragrances are created equal! I know it sounds obvious... but most people don't think about what they're putting in the air on a daily basis. While everyone knows that smoking (for example) is bad for you... did you know that the fragrances you use around the house could also contribute to asthma, cancer, COPD & lethargy (Just to name a few). 

Many of the large brand air fresheners and plug ins are chalked full of the following:

  • Carcinogens such as styrene, methyl eugenol, pyridine and BHA
  • Reproductive toxins like phthalates, lilial (butylphenyl methylpropanal) and nonylphenol
  • Neurotoxicants such as xylenes and phenol
  • Skin allergens such as linalool, hexyl cinnamal, geraniol, and HICC

Scary, right? Well, all is not lost!! When you purchase non-aersolized room sprays from local, reputable companies you know what is going in them (and if not, you can always ask!)

Our Wiick'd Room and Linen Sprays are FREE from these toxic chemicals. We use an ethanol base and scents that are phthalate and toxin free. While we wouldn't suggest drinking them (because that's gross), they are SAFE for your home, furniture, families, pets and skin! 

These higher quality products tend to cost a bit more... HOWEVER, for your peace of mind and your health... why not make the switch? Also, our room and linen sprays last and last... a quick spritz and your room will enjoy amazing scent for hours!!  They quickly and easily rid your space of pet odor, stinky exercise gear, and so much more! 


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