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Hi guys! Welcome to the Wiick'd Candle Company! Established in 2020, Wiick'd was created in an attempt to not lose my mind while working from home. My professional background is in the food industry, so things that taste and smell good have always been a big part of my life. 

Growing up, my dad worked as an ingredients broker and represented one of the world's largest flavor and fragrance houses. Sitting under his desk and painstakingly smelling thousands of samples of fragrances & flavors I developed a keen love of creating interesting combinations. 

Flash forward 40 years to the pandemic. Needing that creative outlet, and having been a fan of candles for many years I began hand pouring my own candles and researching how to make candles that were not just better for you, but showcasing scents that often don't get the attention they deserve!

Soy wax was a clear choice as it doesn't release chemicals into the air, as some cheaper options do. The burn time is significantly longer as well, and using cotton wicks helps increase it. As a result, our long burning candles have an 80 hour burn time!

What initially started as a personal creative outlet, quickly became something more as friends and family began requesting candles to burn at home.... and a business was born! 

At Wiick'd, we don't believe that candles should ever be boring! You can walk into any store and buy a lavender or vanilla candle.... but often people are surprised by new and amazing scents like fresh tobacco, leather, bergamot, and sweet Szechuan peppercorn to name a few. Combine that with some sassy, often sexy names and we think you've got a recipe for success! 

I'm so glad to have you along on this crazy ride!! 

<3 Stacie




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